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The Dolpo region is arranged between the Tibetan border and the Dhaulagiri Himalayan region. The whole area was restricted to tourists until 1989 when the southern piece of Dolpo was opened for tourists. The trekking adventure to upper dolpo starts with travel to Nepalgunj and after that to Juphal village from where travelers start their trek in the Dolpo district. The “Dolpo” district generally called as “Dolpa” in general local language and this region was once made popular by a book called The Snow Leopard written by Peter Matthiessen. The Upper Dolpo region was again made popular by a English motion picture called “The Caravan” which received Oscar Award for its shooting locations. Lower Dolpo or Outer Dolpo is prescribed as a semi dry landscape with profound chasms and limited valleys while Upper Dolpo or Inner Dolpo is an incomprehensible dry district of moving semi-desert good country which is a continuation of the geology of the Tibetan level. During Upper Dolpo trek the travelers go through traditional villages of antique Tibetan ethnicity, couple of high Himalayan passes and finally appreciate the immeasurable peaceful excellence of Phoksundo Lake. From SheyGompa the travelers walk through the antiquated Trans Himalayan Trade course of Nepal and return back to Jhuphal village from where the trekking adventure had started. The Upper Dolpo trek is no doubt a memorable and one of a kind travel adventure in to the wild western region of Nepal.  The best seasons to visit this region are March to May and September to October as the region lies in the zone dominated by Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Himalayas.


Dolpo district is most effectively come to by a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, in the sticky south-west near the Indian fringe, then to Dolpo’s air terminal at Juphal. A three days trek up the PhoksundoKhola through a blend of backwoods and dry scenes prompts Ringmo and the excellent Phoksundo Lake of  4.8km length and 1,8km width. The trekking adventure goes further in to higher edges and delightful campground to SheyGompa located in the Saldang Village which is a traditional Bon Town Tibetan settlement of two kilometers that lies on the exchange course to Tibet.