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The “Tamang Heritage Trail” is the recently formed tourism destination which is the off road trekking trail highlighting  the  traditional way of life of Tamang civilization along with beautiful sceneries along with natural hot spring.                Around 150 years back, Nepal battled Tibet over salt, and a percentage of the greatest territories where this war occurred is in the Langtang Region of Nepal.

The general population of this district is the Tibetans who originated from Kerung of Tibet over the border and settled in Nepal. In ancient Nepal the citizenship of Nepal is not accessible to genuine Tibetans resulting the conversion of nepali Tibetan ethnicity to Tamang. The social and customs of these individuals are like the Tibetan over the borders.

This trekking destination is only a day long transport venture from Kathmandu city. The trail begins from Syabrubesi and goes through the villages called Gatlang, Tatopani, Thuman and Briddim. The trekking adventure gives the opportunity to look in to the Tamang ceremonies, antique Tibetan society and celebrations, traditional customary engineering and traditional outfits. There is a high altitude viewpoint hill at Goljung Pass from where the perspectives of Langtang and Kerung region of Tibet are seen from one place. Travelers will get a chance to endevour the traditional village settlements of Syabru, Mane, Goljung, Gatlang and other settlements. The travelers encounter the natural hot spring at the Tatopani V.D.C before reaching Nagthali village. The old religious communities and houses decorated with rich wood engravings at Thuman is a highlighted attraction along with Briddim Village where one gets the chance to encounter the well known Tamang conviviality. The Gatlang village is set on high slope among terraced fields where travelers can visit Tamang Buddhist religious community along with magnificent glacier lake called Parvatikunda Lake. Thuman village is surely understood for its Shamanic exhibitions and delightful perspective of Langtang Himalayas. The other highlighted attractions of this trekking adventure are religious Buddhist community of DukchuGomba which is a sacrosanct site by the immense Tibetan Lama – Guru Rinpoche and ChuklaKhnagaGomba.