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The Mustang Trekking takes the travelers to the ancient land of Mustang which is the ancient Kingdom of Lo and now a portion of Nepal location in the north-focal part of that nation. The Mustang region is considered as ancient Tibet located between the district of Dolpo and Manang. The Kingdom of Lo according to the customary Mustang locale is the “Upper Mustang” including the northern 66% of the present-day Nepalese Mustang District. The Mustang region is set apart by government signs on north of Kagbeni where a police post checks grants for non-Nepalese looking to enter the area along with another post at Gyu La Pass located at east of Kagbeni.

The Mustang trekking is a travel adventure to one of Nepal’s most strange and ancient kingdoms which is still untouched and unspoiled from modern day civilizations. The scene of Mustang is an infertile moonscape of dissolved sandstone columns and spasmodic moraine porches, which together present a brilliant mosaic made up basically of earthen reds, yellows and chestnut. It is generally simple trekking course to Lo Manthang that lies in the very heart of Mustang. The trek to Mustang is through a semi-desert region with less rain.


Mustang trek takes to the travelers to the region lying in the downpour shadow of the Himalayas which is the last enclave of unblemished Tibetan society. Prohibited and disconnected from of the World the mustang has its own particular unmistakable society and customary which is so fantastic and one of a kind. Lo-Mustang is the capital city of mustang which is a walled city like china ruled by a religious ruler. Untouched by cutting edge human advancement the normal life in Mustang goes ahead in unhurried pace. Similar to all Himalaya region the Mustang region is dominated by views of Mount Dhaulagiri of 8167 meters and Annapurna I of 8091 meters. BesideĀ  that the Mustang region is encompassed by more than 35 mountains of more than 6000 meters elevation. The trekking trails ascend from the height of 2815 meters to 3780 meters above ocean level. Mustang trekking is an investigation of the most confined, unexplored and fascinating medieval Himalayan Kingdom.