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Lower Dolpo Trek offers an awesome trail through a blend of timberland and semi-desert landscapes in the downpour shadow behind the Dhaulagiri range. Dolpo district is inadequately populated region offering enticing bits of knowledge into the lives of the Bon ethnic race and Tibetan Buddhist sincerity. The trekking adventure starts with air flight to Nepalgunj following to high village of Juphal ending in to a small strolling to the village of Dunai. The trekking adventure to Lower Dolpo from Dunai starts off following the old salt exchange course to Tibet which is still being used by locals using yak processions. The trekking adventure climbs through tight valleys and crevasses traversing through Tarakot village and wide fruitful Tarap Valley. The travelers will get opportunity one of a kind region inhabitant by Bon and Buddhist religious communities.

The travelers traversing the passes moves high over the PhoksundoKhola Valley floor which formed by an antiquated avalanche that dammed the PhoksundoKhola to frame the amazing Phoksundo Lake just past the town of Ringmogaon. The travelers will encounter the White Chholing Monastery and further travel towards course to Inner Dolpo and SheyGompa. The next two days trekking through the PhoksundoKhola Valley leads the travelers back to the Juphal village where they had started their trekking adventure.