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Sikkim is a beautiful tourist destination of India resided in the eastern Himalayas and is known as Switzerland of the east. The Sikkim is portrayed as the closest place to heaven i.e. the Himalayas covering the area of 7325 square kilometers. Sikkim is bordered in the north by Tibet, Bhutan in the East, and west Bengal in the southern side. Sikkim has three featured high passes named as Tibet Nathula La Pass  at 4700 meters and Jelep La Pass at 4016 meters in the eastern region and Chiwabhangjang La Pass at 3400 meters in the west. Sikkim has two main waterways that rules the region named as Teesta River originating from Tashidrag glacier in the northern side and Rangit Waterway originating of Teesta River.

The travelers are impressed by the capital city of Sikkim known as Gangtok encompassed magnificent perspectives of Mount Kanchenjunga which is third highest mountain of the world. Sikkim is fully dominated by Mount Kanchanjunged and people of Sikkim considered this mountain as their defensive god. The northern locale of Sikkim has the staggering views of the white Himalayas. A travel adventure in the Sikkim is a dive in to the wild nature, blend of flawless tranquil way of life, prolific alley, streaming waterways and extensive high mountain summits. Sikkim is a Himalayan region with Himalayan flora and fauna like red panda, snow panther, blue sheep e.t.c. The best season to visit Sikkim is March to July and October to November.

Sikkim Tour is a travel adventure to the north-eastern region of India generally known to world as a Himalayan kingdom due its dominated natural setting by Kanchenjunga Himalayas. Sikkim is considerd as trekker’s heaven in tourism industry that offers pristine nature experience, widely varied vegetation, magnificent perspectives of Mount Kanchanjunga along with other highest Himalayas of the world. The trekking trails of Sikkim starts from lowest altitude of 1700meters to 4950meters encompassed in the Rhododendron woodlands, Magnolia woodlands, Alpine vegetation, glacier rivers and lakes dominated by perceptions of Mount Kanchanjunga, Mount Pandim, Mount Jupono, Mount Frey, Mount Kabru, Mount Kothang, Mount Thinkchenkhang, Mount Thalung and other high mountain summits. Some of the popular trekking destinations of Sikkim are Dzongri of West Sikkin, Yuksam and Singilila trekking trail. The northern Sikkim is less visited region due to its hard location that goes to high altitude of 5250meters. This region is dominated by Mount Kanchanjunga, Mount Tent, Chorten Nyima Himalayas and Mount Sinolchu offering the most brilliant perceptions and vegetation in these regions are generally snowcapped.