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The mountain flight travel adventure is generally a air-flight or helicopter flight towards the favourite Himalayas of Nepal which is generally Himalayas of Everest Region, Annapurna Region and Langtang region beside that there are other Himalayan region too like Dhaulgiri, Manaslu, Makalu e.t.c. The mountain flights are designed based upon the choice of destination of travelers and method of flying that is either airplane or helicopter. The travelers are seated on their chosen air transport and they are flown over their favorite mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes related to the travel.

The travelers who have lower budget, short stays or those who can’t reserve the airplane or helicopter can buy tickets of regular mountain flights of local airline agency of Kathmandu. These local airline agencies provides 2-3hours mountain flights on a regular basis where travelers can purchase tickets from their respective ticket counters. The most common everest mountain flight takes the travelers in the world’s most anticipated region incorporated the views of khumbu valley, khumbu glacier, Mount Everest, the other Himalayas of Everest region, sagarmatha national, traditional settlements of everest region and fascinating landscapes of Everest region. Similar to flights of everest region the travelers can buy tickets for mountain flights to annapurana, langtang, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu Himalayas of Nepal. The travelers are provided a seat near to window in a small airplane of 10-15 passenger for 2-3hours ride in the air. The airplane circles over the Himalayas giving the nearest perspectives of the Himalayas and flying over the valleys, rivers, villages, forests, lush mountains e.t.c. The high elevation views of Kathmandu city, patan city, bhaktapur city and other cities of Nepal that comes on the way are travel bonus for the tourists. These mountain flights are designed upon the popular routes, places, landscapes, cityscapes and Himalayas views of Nepal.